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Who we are

We are Agrofunds; Africa's number one digital agro platform made up of a community of field farmers, virtual farmers (public investors), and ready buyers.
Agrofunds concieved in 2013 is a link between investors, field farmers and buyers. Hence, we train, farm, process, package and market farm produce.

We bring to you farming made easy! All you have to do is Sign up with us and fund unit(s) of any of our farms and make profits without soiling your hands.
That's our Job

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Why choose us?

Tap into the wealth of Africa's agriculture

Join us in improving youth participation in agriculture, reduce unemployment and ultimately put an end to hunger and poverty in Africa

- Our Core Values -


We focus on providing financial support to local farmers and creating employment through agriculture

Food Security

We are working to end hunger & poverty in Africa through increased youth participation in farming

Wealth Creation

We provide a reliable platform for profitable partnerships between the farmer, investor and us

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How to get Started

Start your farm today!

Simply click Get started and follow the instructions to start Farming without soiling your hands
We all are farmers! You can fund and start earning from unit(s) of available farms for one harvest season.
You don't have to worry about acquiring a land, seedlings, manpower, and experience. Your funds secures you a unit or more from our community of farmers ready to farm and make a profit for you.

Fund a farm unit today

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cassava Farm

Awka North - Anambra
100% Funded
No farm unit(s) available

22% Return in 10 months

Sold Out!

poultry Farm

Awka North - Anambra
98.4% Funded
206 farm unit(s) available

15% Return in 6 months

Fund it!

Coming Soon...

fish Farm

Awka North - Anambra
0% Funded
No farm unit(s) available


Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

ugu Farm

Awka North - Anambra
0% Funded
No farm unit(s) available


Coming Soon...

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