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The Agrofunds Story

We are Africa's number one digital agro platform made up of a community of field farmers, virtual farmers (public investors), and wholesalers. is Africa's premier online farming ecosystem, a brand of ROYCE & XEPALS LIMITED registered in Nigeria and founded on the 30th of April 2013, We are into farming, processing, packaging, value chain, and marketing.


Our main objective is to assist rural farmers by providing them the opportunity to access public funding / investments in form of seedlings, cash for labor, training, and sales of their farm produce to readily available wholesale buyers with the aim of making a profit for the investors, the farmers and us.

In a bid to help active rural farmers in communities and agricultural cooperative societies gain access to funding and also inspire the young generation to get involved in agriculture, we created an online farming ecosystem for farmers and everyday people as investors, where you can engage in farming, without soiling your hands.


Meet The Team
Revolutionizing the concept of agriculture and agro-related practices through technology with a focus to eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa and beyond.

Management Partners

Esomchukwu Paul

Managing Director

Solomon Ogoke

Farm Manager

Ugochukwu Nwachukwu

Brand And Media Manager

Blessing Egboka

Graphic Designer

Pascal Okeke

Content Developer / Digital Marketer

Operational Partners

Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

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