Launching Africa's Online Farming Ecosystem

Posted in General Info by Admin, • on 3rd Feb 2019 • 73 views


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Cassava Farm Launching soon!!!

by Admin in Crop Farming on 10th Feb 2019

143 views Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is one of the top ten most successful crops for farming in Nigeria today. The starchy root of this plant is also amongst the commonest foods consumed in Nigeria and it's demand for exportation is very high.

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Poultry Farm Launch!!!

by Admin in Livestock Farming on 3rd Feb 2019

82 views It's no news that Nigeria consumes a colossal amount of chickens and eggs, with the statistical figure of chicken consumption almost running into 1.5 million tons annually.

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Launching Africa's Online Farming Ecosystem

by Admin in General Info on 3rd Feb 2019

73 views Spending the late and earlier part of this year, building an Agro platform that will enable people cultivate and harvest farm produce without basically owning a physical farmland is something we are most happy to announce to the general public ..h

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