Frequently Asked Questions

Lets help you with those questions you'ld love to ask is Africa's number one online farming ecosystem; a digital agro platform made up of a community of field farmers, virtual farmers (public investors), and wholesalers.

You will notify on the date and time of the next farm tour to the network of farm Yanni.

At any time of the day login into your account and checkout the farm updates icon in on your dashboard to see pictures and videos of the farms progress.

A Single farm plan runs for a period of time from planting to harvesting, every farm has different farming cycle, but our integrated farming plan has a minimum 2 years farming cycle.

We share the profit of the farm produce on a 40:30:30 ratio, the investors or digital farmers earns 40% of the whole farm profit, which amounts to the percentage stated on your available farm; the farmers earns 30%, while agrofunds keeps 30% of the net profit.

Each farm plan has a stated percentage accrues to it, it's auto calculate it.

You can fund a minimum number of 1 unit and maximum number of 10 units at a time, on a single funding scale.

You can stay updated by following us on all our social media handles.

Every digital farmer is entitled to one sponsored one visit the farm, and subsequently at the expense of the digital farmer.

It is not possible to terminate the farm unit, until the end of the agreed farm plan.

Funds are diversified into crop and animal farming and are managed by a team of professional trained framers with a minimum of ten years farming experience.

All our network of farms is insured by the Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Cooperation. (N. A. I. C.) .

After you have registered on the platform as a digital farmer, visit the farm portal on your dashboard and fund any farm available either a single or integrated farm plan.

You first of all register as a digital farmer on platform, update your details on your dashboard and then you are ready to fund a farm.

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