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“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Most of us know the story of Chicken Little who ran around warning the barnyard of impending doom. We all know people who live their lives like this. There’s a Chicken Little inside each of us.

All of us have doubts:

“I’m not smart.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“So-and-so is better than me.”

Our doubts often paralyze us. So, we play the “What if?” game.

“What if this company runs with my money?”

“What if the economy crashes right after I invest?”

“What if I lose control and I can’t pay the money back?”

“What if things don’t go as I planned?”

These words of doubt often get so loud that we fail to act. A horrible feeling builds in our stomach. Sometimes we can’t sleep. We fail to move forward.

So we stay with what is safe, and opportunities pass us by. We watch life passing by as we sit immobilized with a cold knot in our body. We have all felt this at one time in our lives, some more than others.

But a savvy investor knows that the seemingly worst of times is actually the best of times to make money. When everyone else is too afraid to act, they pull the trigger and are rewarded.

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