Cassava Farm Launching soon!!!

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Cassava Farm Launching soon!!!

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is one of the top ten most successful crops for farming in Nigeria today. The starchy root of this plant is also amongst the commonest foods consumed in Nigeria and it's demand for exportation is very high, making it a huge source of revenue.

In 2014, Nigeria topped the list as the world's largest Cassava manufacturing country, while Thailand and other tropical countries, where it thrives followed. Till date it is still one of the few crops that the world looks up to Nigeria for supplies.
The uses of Cassava locally and internationally are enormous, perhaps the reason why it is so much sought after. Being a great source of starch, it can be processed into glucose, dextrin and several industrial products that are eventually imported for use from foreign countries.

Tapioca, which is the starch extracted from Cassava roots is a staple in Brazil where it originated from, though it is now in consumption all over South America and beyond.

It can therefore be easily concluded that Cassava farming is indeed highly auspicious seeing it is generally consumed all over the world, and any investment into it would certainly yield great returns.

Our digital farming project is here again and this time we are focusing on Cassava. Our cassava farmers are spread out around our farms and are already getting to work seriously.

Let's look at the details of our Cassava farming scheme:

    1. Duration for farming cycle is 9 months, while harvest is a month. (As a perennial crop, Cassava is grown over a long period of almost a year.)
    2. Each farming unit costs N62, 000 and you can sponsor more than one unit.
    3. Returns after harvest, RAH is 22%.
    4. Amount of units available per farming cycle is 1000 units yielding a total of 5000 tons.
    5. Location of farms is at Anambra and Enugu states, South Eastern Nigeria.
    6. Sponsorship commences in July 2018.
    7. All our farms are insured by the NIGERIAN AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE CORPORATION (NAIC)

Now you are only a step away from sponsoring your cassava farm and becoming a digital farmer. All that you need do is to visit our website on and follow the directives on how to sponsor the cassava farms.

You would be apprised of how your farm is progressing with pictures as proves, and then at the time for harvest and returns, you would be informed as well.

Why not send us an email at or call our hotline on +234 81 8239 8558, +234 81 8239 8554 for an instant response to your enquiries.

Remember, at Agrofunds we are passionate farmers who understand that farming is key to the survival and sustenance of the human species.


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