Launching Africa's Online Farming Ecosystem

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Launching Africa's Online Farming Ecosystem

Spending the late and earlier part of this year, building an Agro platform that will enable people cultivate and harvest farm produce without basically owning a physical farmland is something we are most happy to announce to the general public that we are done and ready to launch

On Wednesday the 4th day of June 2018, we shall be Launching the platform so users can start funding different farm units!

In a bid to help active rural farmers in communities and agricultural cooperative societies gain access funding and also inspire the young generation to get involved in agriculture, we created an online farming ecosystem for farmers and everyday people as investors as a virtual farmers. You can farm, without soiling your hands.

Agrofunds is Africa's premier online farming ecosystem. We are Africa's number one digital agro platform made up of a community of farmers, virual farmers, and wholesalers or bulk buyers. A product of ROYCE & XEPALZ COMPANY LIMITED registered in Nigeria. Over the years, we have been into farming, processing, value chain, packaging and marketing.

Our main objective is to assist rural farmers by providing them the opportunity for public and crowd funding funding/ investments in form of seedlings, cash for labor, training, and sales of their farm produce to ready wholesale buyers with the aim of making profit for the investors, the farmers and the enterprise.

Read more about our platform and how you can become a beneficiary via this link:, also remember to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the site) so once we launch, you will be part of the very first contact to receive our Launch package.

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