Poultry Farm Launch!!!

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Poultry Farm Launch!!!

It's no news that Nigeria consumes a colossal amount of chickens and eggs, with the statistical figure of chicken consumption almost running into 1.5 million tons annually.

The alarming fact however is that only 30% of these birds which are consumed annually in Nigeria are produced locally. The other bulky 70% is imported, i.e. smuggled into the borders, under cruel and unhygienic circumstances.

These illegal activities continue to exact negatively on our economy as a Nation, but it doesn't stop there as these unhealthy birds when consumed, could be highly detrimental to the health of the masses.

We at Agrofunds have grown passionate about improving on this problem, and so we are committed to equipping more poultry farms that would raise as many organic chickens as possible. This would in no small way improve on our local supply, create more job opportunities and secure the economic and physical wellness of our country.

But how exactly are we going about this, one may be asking? We're actually excited to unveil our virtual farming initiative, where anyone can fund a poultry farm from wherever they are! And yes, the profits are mouth watering! Now let's walk through some vital details;

  • How many healthy and locally trained chickens are we rearing?
    400,000 chickens would be raised in a single cycle. This equals about 14% of the total amount of chickens consumed daily in Nigeria (2.9 million chickens are consumed every day).
  • How long is our farming cycle?
    Six months, after which harvest starts, as well as the profits.
  • Where are our farms and farmers located?
    We have dedicated farmers who work tirelessly in our numerous farms across Delta and Anambra state, i.e. the South-East.
  • How much can one acquire a poultry farm unit for?
    46, 000
  • When would sponsorship commence?
    From the 4th of July, 2018.
  • How many farm units would be available for sponsorship?
    4400 units would be out for sponsorship.
  • Are our farms insured?
    Absolutely, our farms are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC).
  • What are the Returns after Harvest/Investment?
    Our RAH is at an amazing 15% on every investment per unit farm.
Why not sign up and instantly become a farmer, without ever needing to soil your hands in a farm?

Visit our website; www.agrofunds.com/register and follow the easy steps to become a virtual farmer to start earning big!
For further enquiries please call: +234 81 8239 8558, +234 81 8239 8554
You can also write us at hello@agrofunds.com
With Agrofunds, farming could never become more fun and rewarding!

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